SEE 50+ Years of History

by Daniel McLaurin III

Old Hillside High School

Hillside High School - Durham, NC.

Home of The Hornets<br />1965-66 Championship "Pony Express" Basketball Team. <br />Their Historic Records Endure to This Day.

32 Minutes of Greatness

Welcome to author Daniel McLaurin III’s site celebrating the legendary “Pony Express” – Durham, NC’s Hillside High School’s 1965-1996 record-setting Championship basketball team. Dan is an original member of that historic team.

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"32 Minutes" -The "Pony Express" - Durham, NC's Hillside High 1965-66 Championship basketball team.

Author Daniel McLaurin III’s enduring true-story of his Durham, NC’s Hillside High School’s Hornets “Pony Express” basketball team is history uncovered. Daniel was an original member, and the one determined this story be told. Most to this 1965-1966 Championship team’s records stand to this day.